• Warehousing


In order to optimise transport flow, we offer our customers transport-linked or separate storage, keeping adequate warehousing and associated services ready for this.

Well thought-out, IT-based warehousing ensures us additional delivery flexibility, reliability, punctuality and, last but not least, benefits for you as a customer. We guarantee careful, correct and appropriate storage, in accordance with your requirements. For us, it goes without saying that we monitor storage and retrieval, also providing IT-based warehouse management, carrying out regular stock-checks, while offering guaranteed product traceability.

As part of major construction projects, we plan the entire site logistics for you and implement them, on-site, with our expert staff. We gather the necessary information in order to implement the storage and facilities you need, with storage space close to the construction site as required.

Warehouse location and capacity:

Mülheim an der Ruhr: 4,500 m2, plus 5000 m2 open space, open customs warehouse.
Mutzschen/Leipzig: 12,500 m2, with a 12-m high bay warehousing throughout, 14,000 m2 open space.
Neuss: 1,600 m2, with 12 x 24-tonne capacity throughout. Gantry crane and 50,000 m2 open space. 
Düsseldorf: 6,000 m2, with 3 x 6.5 tonne gantry crane throughout, and 20,000 m2 open space.

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