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Transporting goods is still one of the core businesses of logistics. We can carry any goods, any material, any merchandise to the desired destination: by lorry, uniform-temperature vehicles, via silos, using tank containers, by rail, sea and air, whether as a partial or full load services, or as part of groupage transport.

Even heavy loads with special vehicles and special permits, or hazardous materials, are safely and properly transported and distributed to Germany, the EU countries, Eastern Europe or Central Asia.

We are the competent partner for all routes, for shipments to both national and international locations. As a logistics generalist, the system structures of foreign countries and delivery areas are very familiar to us.
We have many years of experience of management, of organisational know-how, and expertise in country-specific service customisation, and a broad network of distribution hubs in Germany, Europe and overseas.

Our services are based on centralised data-processing, IT-based planning, a flexible transport fleet, mobile equipment and advanced communication technologies, ensuring optimal control of process chains.

In cooperation with our partners worldwide, we have a concentrated transport network. Your shipments are closely monitored from collection to delivery, and you can monitor your shipment at all times. Nothing is more important to us than to deliver to our customers, in time and damage free.

Punctual and damage-free transport management is thus one of our maxims.

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