• Custom Clearance

Customs clearance

Our company, first established as a customs agent in 1980, of course, even today, we offer all customs-agency (brokerage) services.

Specifically, we offer the following services:

  • Electronic import clearance through our collective customs procedure (deferment of payments) to all German customs offices 
  • Import clearances in all EU countries, via partner customs-agents
  • Returned-goods declarations
  • Active processing/active rectification, passive processing
  • OCW-customs clearance – company customs warehouse/type-C customs warehouse, Mülheim
  • Electronic export declarations from all German customs offices - ATLAS AE
  • EUR.1 preference certificates/A.TR free-trade certification
  • Preference calculations
  • Production and clearance of CCI certificates of origin
  • NCTS clearances (transit Tl/T2 documents)
  • CARNET-TIR dispatch, (eg. Russia, etc.)
  • CARNET ATA clearances (eg. exhibition goods, professional equipment, etc.)
  • EMCS procedure (excise)
  • Customs consulting (eg. preferential customs treatment, processing, etc.)
  • Tariff information worldwide
  • Applications for binding tariff-information
  • Applications for import permits
  • INTRASTAT declarations in AT, DE, NL, BE, ES, PL

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